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Samurai Jackson's Team:

Yudi Ishikawa - Game Design
Ricardo Gomes - Programming
Rodrigo Garcia - Art


Using as a reference, the anime "Afro Samurai" and the cartoon "Samurai Jack", "Samurai Jackson" is a runner, quick time kill 2D frantic action game with elements of humor and drama in its cyberpunk history, besides being an ode of humor to Samuel L. Jackson.

You control Samurai L. Jackson delivering mortal blows with your sword against your enemies and a quick time kill, while you dodge obstacles to advance the stages, winning sub-chiefs until you reach The Great Boss.

Install instructions

How to play:

Grab the power-ups and throw kunais and shurikens at all enemies that appear along the way.


Q - Throw Kunais (grab the power-up first)
W - Throw Shurikens (grab the power-up first)
Arrow Keys: Move


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